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I am committed to providing you with the best website possible, all while adhering to the latest and greatest web coding standards and regulations.


Every project has my full attention. I make myself available to you 24/7 until your project is complete, and you are totally happy with the result.


Every creation is fully responsive and designed to fit your individual needs. I creatively incorporate the modules you need into your design.

I am, by profession, a mechanical engineer. My credentials, my love for travel, and my bent for creativity have guided my professional career. I have been fortunate to work with the dominant industry leader, Fluor Corporation, for many years and proud to say my work has taken me to projects in all 3 americas.
I pride myself on my innate ability to find new, unique solutions for my clients. I am an out-of-the-box
thinker, which has served me well.


Industrial Project Experience:

My industrial project experience ranges from field construction management to feasibility studies to execution of EPCM projects.

Specifically my roles in the early phases of projects have included:

✓ Project initiation and setup
✓ Project risk management
✓ Planning and execution
✓ Commercial negotiations with subcontractors
✓ Capital cost estimating, controls and reporting

Field execution roles included:

✓ Field supervisor
✓ Project estimator
✓ Capital cost management
✓ Change management and Forecasting


How I got here is a very long story, but my resume sums it up nicely.
You can see my resume by clicking following link, or download a copy to print.


These examples are just a little bit of what I can do.
If you want to see more, just send me an email for my full portfolio.


These examples are just a little bit of about my passion.
If you want to see more, just send me an email for my full portfolio.


I’m always looking forward to my next adventure.
Send me a note, and let’s get started on your project today!

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